10 Howell Road, Corringham, Essex, SS17 8JL

School / Clubs Fun Days

We specialise in entertainment for inflatable fun days which are normally held after school for 2 hours. This consists of us supplying anything from 1 to 7 inflatable's for children. Tots to children up to 12 years of age are catered for. This includes castles, slides, etc. We supply wristbands so that the school and ourselves can keep track of the children who should or should not be using the inflatable's at these events.

The school or club holding the events are responsible for supervising the inflatable's supplied. For the inflatable day the school/club can receive anything from 20% to 50 % of the wristband sales most school reach the 40% margin at least as a guide.

Our aim on these events first and foremost is safety of all the children, safety guidelines for people supervising the inflatable's will be given by a member of our team before the event starts, in any case a member of our team will be on hand at the event to assist if needed.

  • Wristbands will be £5 pre-sold (prices & % based on weekdays for 2 hours period.
  • Up to 250 sold @ £5 each wristband. You will receive 30%
  • Up to 300 sold @ £5 each wristband. You will receive 40%
  • Up to 350 sold @ £5 each wristband. You will receive 45%
  • Up to 450 sold @ £5 each wristband. You will receive 50%
  • Pre-sold wristband must be cared for as any lost wristband will result in another being purchased at full price.